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Photo Post

This entry replicates my post at the community 100_snapshots. It is my first post to the community, as I am starting again with my new user name.

12. Growth
Isn't this the most gorgeous neon orange fungus? It even has a mushroom there in the background, but not one that I'd saute with my steak!

27. Dry
I think the leaves on this tree were affected by some sort of insect, but the curling edges makes them look dry.
curled edges

36. Yellow
You can't get much yellower than with a mass of yellow flowers.

46. Chair
This chair sits on the front porch of the Alexander Graham Bell Homestead.

47. Statue
I really wanted to use this photo, as I really like what I call "The Thing", so I decided that it was statue-like and that I would use it here. It's on the grounds of the Glenhyrst Art Gallery, which has beautiful floral displays and an enviable collection of lovely and diverse trees.
the thing

56. Corner
This lovely bench and wild overgrowth (and raspberries!) sits in the corner of the yard of my sister-in-law's new medical office.

57. Rose
The rose is also in the backyard of my sister-in-law's medical office; I took the shot as I really liked the shiny bug.

98. The Bethel Church cemetery is a place I return to time after time; it always has something lovely to photograph, in this case it was the gravestones against the storm-ready clouds above.


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Aug. 14th, 2013 06:14 am (UTC)
THese are really good - I especially like the shiny beeple and the overgrown bench.
Aug. 15th, 2013 01:03 pm (UTC)
Thank you. :)

I honestly can't believe how much my photography has matured over the past few years. When I started at 100_snapshots years ago I could barely point a camera, so it's nice to see growth in myself and my abilities.

He is a nice shiny beeple, isn't he? On the whole, I avoid bugs and their ilk, being rather afraid of them, but I thought him quite nice. Carol (sister-in-law)'s basement has tiny toads living in it, about an inch long apiece; we are retiring them to the garden, and I love handling them. They always pee on my hand, but it's worth it to have the chance of briefly handling something green and hoppy and interesting. I do love amphibians. And reptiles. And snakes. Just not bugs.
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